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The ASD sample in the present study does not reflect the true national prevalence rate of ASD, as the present study due to the fact that not all children in Norway participated, and that all children with missing responses on the M-CHAT were excluded.

At the same time, new cases of ASD will be diagnosed with increasing age and subsequently listed in NPR (Súren et al. Children in the current sample were born between 20 and at the linkage to NPR, autumn 2014, the youngest children in the sample were still only 5 years of age.

Due to smaller sample size in the ASD female group, we did not include an interaction term between the severity score and diagnosis or sex (depending on analysis) in the subsequent logistic regression models.

Including the interaction item introduced high collinearity between predictors for several item analyses leading to instability in parameter estimates.

In addition, from the clinical records registered in the Norwegian Patient Registry (NPR), ASD-diagnosis registered at any-time from the first 1 year of age were used.

Exact age at first diagnosis and level of functioning is not available for patients retrieved from the NPR, as it only lists the diagnostic status of a given child for the specific year(s) seen by specialized services.

The most frequently reported sex difference in ASD is the disproportionally higher male to female prevalence, consistently reported since the seminal studies by Kanner () reported across studies male to female prevalence ratios ranging from 4.3:1, with 5.5:1 in groups within the normal IQ range.

Participants included pregnant mothers recruited during the years 1999–2010 at ultrasound examinations at approximately week 18 of pregnancy.In addition, a list of 6 out of the 23 M-CHAT items constituting the most critical items in predicting an ASD diagnosis (Robins et al.In line with aim (a) to examine the overall endorsed autistic symptoms with respect to sex and diagnosis by examining M-CHAT total number of failed items, we first conducted a two-way ANOVA (sex*ASD diagnosis) with total number of failed M-CHAT items as outcome.Children in the Mo Ba-sample is currently ranging from 7 to 17 years of age.Both the Mo Ba and the ABC study obtained written informed consent from participating mothers and were approved by the Norwegian Data Inspectorate, as well as the Regional Committee for Medical and Health Research Ethics South-East Norway (REK).

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Results suggest a nuanced view of the “extreme male brain theory of autism”.

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