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You can also receive notifications for offenders living near a specific address using the "Receive Email Alerts" option on the right side of the search screen.

In both cases, the subscriber will need to provide their name and a valid email address for the notice to be sent to you.

The TBI also conducts sex offender training for all registering agencies and participates in large scale sex offender “round-ups” upon request.

Both sexual offenders and violent sexual offenders pay an annual administrative fee of 0.

Frequency of verification is determined by the registration category as set out in Wyoming Statutes 7-19-302(g), (h), and (j).

The sheriff’s office in the county where the offender is register will notify the offender of the frequency.

That information is currently available on the Wyoming Sex Offender Registry public website. It could also mean that the offender is not in compliance with the law, and law enforcement is unaware of his/her presence in the community, in which case you should contact your local law enforcement agency to report a possible unregistered offender.It also manages the public sex offender registry website.“Sexual offenders” are required to report annually between 7 days prior to, and 7 days after their birthday. A “violent sexual offender” is any person convicted of a violent sexual offense as defined by T. “Sexual offenders” may file a request for termination of registration requirements with TBI Headquarters in Nashville ten years after the date the offender expires his/her sentence.“Violent sexual offenders” are required to report quarterly during the months of March, June, September, and December. Offenders convicted of certain offenses of statutory rape before July 1, 2006, may apply for termination from the registry immediately.

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